Weekly Weight Watchers Meeting Update

I just got home from another terrific Weight Watchers meeting! 
I was very excited to have a loss of 2.4 lbs last week! YES!!! :-)

The theme for this week is: “The Power of Produce”. 
Our always fun & inspiring leader Judy got us talking about the ways we already are incorporating fruits & veggies into our meals, and challenged us all to do our best to have fruits & veggies in every meal. She also challenged us to try one NEW fruit or veggie this week! That sounds fun!

I always enjoy when the nice folks in my WW meeting share their food & recipe tips, and today there was lots of talk about how easy & fun it can be to make homemade dressings…and how they can be a healthier alternative to lots of the bottled stuff. 

Today’s a busy day here…so It’s time for a bite of breakfast then lots to do. Wishing you all a happy, healthy week! :-)

I’m on week 13 of Weight Watchers’ “Stay and Succeed” promo, and after last Saturday morning’s meeting, I used up the “attend 12 weeks & choose any $4.95 WW bar or snack” promo and I chose the Chili Lime Multigrain Crisps. They’re crispy & great! I really like the zesty seasoning on them & they’re only 2 points per bag. (6 bags per box).

Weight Watchers Weekly Update

Hi! Sorry this post is a few days late! We were really busy all weekend with 4th of July things & I needed all day yesterday to get house & errand stuff done. 

I went to my Saturday 7am WW meeting & it was great! I was happy to see that I had a loss…It was a small loss of only 0.6 lb, but I’ll happily take it, because I’ve been stressed & out of sorts due to the car accident I was in ever since June 23.

Today, I’m feeling emotionally all back to normal, but won’t rest easy till the old lady who hit me’s insurance company finally finishes the darn claim so we can get the car fixed. Stress is very hard on me & my willpower was weaker than usual & I made some poor food choices. :-(

Our Weight Watchers meeting theme was all about "BOUNCING BACK" and how to deal with those times when you slip off of your healthy eating plan…PERFECT TIMING for me, no? As usual, I left the meeting re-inspired & learned a few new helpful things. :-)

Wishing you a happy, healthy week! :-)


STILL waiting for the old lady who rear-ended me on June 23 to finish working with her insurance company (Allstate) to finish processing my claim. I just want to get our car’s rear bumper fixed. It wasn’t my fault…I was just sitting at a red light in line waiting for the light to change! UGH! This is taking forever! 

The only weird thing that happened to me over the 4th of July weekend was, I had a gold crown just pop off my back tooth unexpectedly! It wasn’t giving me any problems or anything before & it didn’t hurt. I just ate carefully on the other side of my mouth & kept it really clean. Called my dentist office first thing this morning, & they squeezed me in. It didn’t take long, & my tooth under the crown is fine (thank goodness!), so they just used some new concrete stuff & popped it back into place.

I’ve had that gold crown for almost 20 years, and he said that the “concrete” they use nowdays is far superior to the old stuff, so hopefully, this won’t happen again! (I still have 3 other gold crowns in the back….almost as old. Hope it won’t happen to them also!)

Have you ever had a gold crown pop off?

Hi! Hope you all had a terrific 4th of July holiday weekend! I had so much fun…My husband & I did a day trip on the 4th where we took a long drive down a scenic highway along the Mississippi river and stopped along the way wherever we felt like. We went with his brother & his wife. It was a rare treat to be able to spend the entire day with them.

We saw lots of pretty small Minnesota towns & some historic spots & places where the river was still very flooded from the awful storms our state has had last month. Ate at great places & one of my favorite parts was where we discovered the fantastic Elmaro Vineyard in Trempealeau, Wi as we were driving home on the Wisconsin side of the river. We did a wine tasting outdoors in view of their gorgeous vineyard. So much fun, yet so relaxing! We brought back 3 bottles of delicious wine to enjoy later. Here’s a couple photos of the Elmaro vineyard…

We’re watching a movie tonight…I haven’t had time yet to figure out the Weight Watcher Points for the potato leek soup I make. Will do tomorrow & post the points along with the recipe. :-)